“Sully: The Words, Wit and Wisdom of Paul Sullivan”

While members of the Boston media were much in evidence today at Middlesex Community College’s Federal Building for the book release celebration of “Sully: The Words, Wit and Wisdom of Paul Sullivan”, it was more like a reunion of the world of Lowell politics, circa 1992 with elected officials, members of the media and those from the business world all in attendance. “Sully” is a collection of dozens of the 1700 or so columns the late Paul Sullivan 1957-2007) wrote for the Lowell Sun beginning in 1991. The events featured remarks from MCC President Carole Cowan, Kendall Wallace of the Lowell Sun, Paul’s daughter Kerri, book editor Pat Cook, and Mary-Jo Griffin, Paul’s wife and Director of the Paul Sullivan Leadership Institute at Middlesex Community College. (All named here appear in the above unveiling photograph along with Paul’s son, Ryan).

The book is on sale online. Proceeds go to support the Leadership Institute that bears Paul’s name. A quick scan through the book reveals a wonderful mix of Lowell, state and national politics; many about various charitable causes; and many of Paul’s observations on family and life.

2 Responses to “Sully: The Words, Wit and Wisdom of Paul Sullivan”

  1. Marie says:

    For most of today’s Sully event – I was pleased to sit chatting with former Mayor and former LTI professor M. Brendan Fleming. Sgt. Tommy Fleming and his Dad go way back with Paul – Tom and Paul were Sacred Heart School classmates together – and from the stories pranksters together as well!. We talked at length about another Sacred Heart Parish guy and Sully compardre – Chancellor Marty Meehan. The Mayor has a unique perspective on Marty and all was laudatory especially regarding UMASS Lowell. While I did very little smoozing – I did note Commissioner Davis, Michael Goldman, Dan Rea, Jon McQuaid, Joe Sciacca (I think he was also Paul’s Austin Prep classmate), Nancy Donohue, Karen Bell and so many more. I was happy to talk with Kevin Sullivan and Ryan too – and especially Margaret Sullivan who reminded me of Paul telling her back when he was the proprietor of our neighborhood “grocery” store, that I marched in and told him I wouldn’t be a customer until he removed a certain bumpersticker from his car… I’ve long forgotten the sticker (a GOP-er probably) but I’ll never forget our long friendship – in some ways we mentored each other! He knew me well enough to… well I’ll save that story for another time!

  2. Patrick Cook says:

    Glad you could join us there today, Marie, Tony and Dick. We had a packed house, a true testament to how many friends Paul had out there. It was an amazing trip down memory lane in the last couple of decades of Lowell history pulling these columns together.

    Any readers of your blog interested in purchasing a copy of the book can visit http://www.middlesex.mass.edu/SULLY or your neighborhood Market Basket! All proceeds from the sales of the book go to a new scholarship announced today by Paul’s family!