“Homestead Crossing” at the MRT

The inaugural play of the MRT’s new season, Homestead Crossing, continues until next Sunday so there’s still time to see it. I did yesterday and enjoyed it very much. Written by Massachusetts-based playwright William Donnelly, the play is about “an old married couple” (they’re in their early 50s) whose life together has grown stagnant and predictable. When two young strangers unexpectedly and disruptively arrive at their home, the older couple come to view the visitors as reflections of themselves in their younger days which rekindles their relationship. It was funny and thought-provoking and a nice way to spend 85 minutes.

The “Critics’ Picks” section of today’s Globe entertainment page has this about Homestead Crossing:

Massachusetts playwright William Donnelly has crafted a gem that celebrates connection within the confines of an upscale suburban living room. Wonderful actors breathe life into Donnelly’s quirky characters in this look at longtime relationships.

More reviews are available on the MRT’s website as are tickets for the remaining performances. A bonus of seeing the show is getting an opportunity to see the spruced up MRT which just underwent a substantial renovation, all in the public access part of the theatre.