Tim Egan of NYT on the GOP’s Clothespin

Today’s NYTimes includes the latest from opinion-writer Tim Egan, a comment on the figment that is politician Mitt Romney. There is a real ex-Gov. Romney and a businessman Romney and a Grandfather Mitt, but those are not on the political sales counter for the fall. I wouldn’t use the nasty term “empty suit” for the GOP product; I think it is more like a simple clothespin that you can use to hang up a sock full of grievances.

From where I stand, it looks like the Congressional GOP members for the past two years did everything they could to keep a heavy foot on the brake so that the national economy would not gain any speed, while they watched the clock run down on the Obama presidency—betting that a majority of voters would give the President a failing grade in Nov 2012. The strategy may work, but what has the cost been to the men, women, and children of America?

Read Tim Egan’s column here, and get the NYT if you want more of this kind of writing.