Lowell Sprouts @ UML

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Mary Beth Skelley, a recent graduate of UMass Lowell, created Lowell Sprouts. Lowell Sprouts is a school garden that teaches children about growing vegetables, composting and components of composting. She would love to be a teacher and is very invested in food security. The Campus Catalyst Program helped her with networking, funding and support so that she could make a difference in the community.

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  1. John Quealey says:

    I have a cousin in the town of Ennis who has a garden in his yard, but on the farms in Ireland they have a large garden a distance from the home and a kitchen garden at the back door.He is Joe Skelley from the village Tomb in County Galway Ireland.
    There are also hens outside the kitchen door which provide the eggs. She also gathers the killage for every day use.