Wounded Warriors

I watch “Morning Joe” on MSNBC for a while most days to stay on top of the latest national political gossip. This week, I have seen several times an ad for the Wounded Warrior project narrated by a Country music singer. I’ve had this thought before, but seeing the ads this week again made me think that there is something very wrong with a federal government veterans’ health-care system that cannot meet the needs, all the needs, of military personnel who are injured severely on duty. Those with combat wounds, physical and psychological, should not have to depend on charitable donations to get the services they need. The federal government that sent the soldiers, sailors, fliers, and Marines into battle zones should be meeting all of their needs when they return. Our congressional district has a stellar reputation for veterans’ issues advocacy, from Mrs Rogers through Marty Meehan and now Niki Tsongas. We need more voices and more action in Washington DC to ensure that veterans get the help they deserve and do not have to rely on TV ads to pay for the services they need.

Here’s the link to the project.

2 Responses to Wounded Warriors

  1. Dean says:

    Paul, read the booklet “Federal Benefits for Veterans ,Dependents & Survivors” 2011 Edition. I have not seen the 2012 edition yet. I am sure the booklet is on line. There is a broad range of programs and services provide by the V.A. To be eligible for benefits you must be discharged from ACTIVE military service.