Jennifer Myers: Joining one fraternity & leaving another

Congratulations to Jennifer Myers on her new position as secretary to Mayor Patrick Murphy. Knowing the responsibilities of that position, I use the word “secretary” in the “secretary of state” sense rather than the “secretarial pool” sense. Jen joins an impressive roster of folks who have previously held that position including UMass Lowell Chancellor Mary Meehan and Cambridge City Manager Bob Healy (Ten or so years from now I suspect “. . . and Greg Page” will be included in such a highlights list, as well). A blog post I wrote when Greg was hired contained many of those names.

But this career change also causes Jen’s departure from the newsroom of the Lowell Sun. In that she is not alone. The list of folks who used to work at the Lowell Sun is an impressive one. Here they are in a very rough reverse chronological order. Where I could, I listed what that person is doing now. If you know of any that I’ve missed, or if you can add to the “where are they now” portion, please do so in the comments section. UPDATES in italics.

Jen Myers – Mayoral Secretary, Lowell MA
Rita Savard – Founder of Howl in Lowell
Erin Smith – Boston Herald
Sharon Flaherty – Jeanne d’Arc Credit Union
Hillard Chabot – Boston Herald
Dennis Shaughnessey – Dracut School Department
Dave Perry – UMass Lowell
Ray Howell – founder, Howell Communications
Rob Gavin – Boston Globe business reporter
Rebecca Flater
Jason Lefferts – Director of Communications, Mass Office of Consumer Affairs
Jennifer Fenn – Boston Globe reporter
Denise Lavoie – AP Boston Legal Affairs reporter
Craig Sandler – founder, State House News Service
Brian Mooney – senior political writer, Boston Globe
Frank Phillips – senior political writer, Boston Globe
Kevin Landrigan – Nashua Telegraph
Mike LaFleur – Attorney, Judicial Clerk
Joe Bartolotta – Marketing Director, Eastern Bank
Steve Kloehn – news director, University of Chicago
John Novack – Communications Director at Inspire, a health care company
MK Guzda –
Jonathon Kellog
Kevin Keane
Joe Day – priest, St Anselm’s College
Jules Crittenden
Dana Francis
Glen Johnson – Political Reporter, Boston Globe
Robert Doolan
Lisa Adams
Pat Cook – Middlesex Community College
Deborah Straszheim
Jeff Northrup
Andy Dabilis
Terry Williams
Sharon Britton
Paul McCue
Rick Spencer
Mark Arsenault – reporter, Boston Globe
Rose Sergi – Middlesex Community College
Susan McMahon – Professor, Georgetown Law School

Patti McCafferty – UMass Lowell
Marcia Cassidy – Marcia Cassidy Communications
Matt Murphy – Statehouse News

CORRECTION: Someone pointed out that Dan Phelps only does the PR thing at Nashoba Tech part-time and still writes columns for the Sun.

8 Responses to Jennifer Myers: Joining one fraternity & leaving another

  1. jdayne says:

    Kudos to City Hall for snarfing up one of the best & brightest to work on behalf of the Mayor and all of Lowell. JM always was a voice of insight and reason in what I, generally, found otherwise to be a pretty limited paper.

    MK Guzda, aka M Kathleen Guzda Struck, is Managing Editor of Everyday Health Magazine in NYC.

  2. Jen says:

    Carol Giacomo, who was a reporter at the Sun in the early 1970’s is on the NY Times Editoral Board. And don’t forget the Sports staff — Gerry Callahan of WEEI and the Herald, Karen Guregian of the Herald and Rob Bradford of

  3. Jim O'Loughlin says:


    Don’t forget Frank Barret who went from the Sun to city manager. Also one of the best names ever:Cromwell Schubarth, former business editor if I remember correctly.

  4. DickH says:

    Thanks for all the additions.

    Does anyone know where I can get a photo of Frank Barrett? Going from City Hall reporter to City Manager is quite a feat.

  5. Bobby Sharp says:

    Mr. Keane was one of the top editors at the Oakland Tribune before being shown the door. He’s now back in the reporting ranks at the San Francisco Examiner.

    Then there was Leslie Anderson, who carved up members of the school committee so adroitly, some of them thanked her for the articles

    Has Jack Costello found employment yet?