Now Blooming at the South Common

The low-rise roses blooming at the South Common along the new sidewalk on Thorndike Street are the Frau Dagmar Hartopp (or Fru Dagmar Hastrup) variety of rugosa roses that produce very fragrant silvery pink flowers on a rugged bright green shrub. The plant was “discovered” by Mr Hastrup of Denmark and named for his wife. The “Frau” version of the name is the German name for the same rose. (Flower info courtesy of File this item under “Lowell: The Flowering City” for those who are familiar with the 25-year plan to improve the natural resources and beauty of the city. See the Flowering City report from 1997 here, thanks to Corey Sciuto scanning the rare hard copy and making a place for it on the web.

Thanks to City Manager Lynch and City Councilors past and present for prioritizing South Common improvements and allocating funds for work such as this. Thanks also to the City planning staff and other personnel who have overseen the upgrades to date, including thinning and trimming the pine grove on the west end of the park. The neighbors in the area and South Common appreciators across the City are looking forward to the full-blown renovation of the Common that is forthcoming.

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  1. Marie says:

    Back in the day – being involved with Lowell: the Flowering City was a privilege and a teriffic experience. The gathering of activists, professionals, concerned citizens, officials, young people, neighborhood people, etc. – under the auspices of the Human Services Corporation and under the leadership of Peter Stamas, Dr. Patrick Mogan, Sr. Lillian Lamoreaux has and continues to leave a mark on Lowell. Please take a look at the document. Many other gatherings were held after the first… the memory and the influence lingers.