Chelmsford Students Visit Water Treatment Plant

This is an interesting video.

7th grade students in Massachusetts took a trip to the Chelmsford, MA water treatment plant to see water treatment in action and how the new solar field is powering the process. Their teacher, Sarah Nitsche, had spent a summer with Stantec’s Westford, MA office as part of a program to bring real-life science and engineering to the classroom.

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  1. Victor A. Olson says:

    Stantec has sponsored externships for the last 6 years including this coming summer working with Partnerships for a Skilled Workfiorce under the LIFT 2 Program..Leadership Initiatives for Teaching and Technology (LIFT2) offers middle school and high school math, science, and technology teachers a research-based professional learning program that integrates graduate coursework with authentic and relevant externships in “innovative” industries in Massachusetts.

    Vocational/ Technical schools have been successfull in providing “real world” context for learning experience and is in my opinion why they succeed in turning at risk students into successfull learners.. The program provides opportunities for for “Classical” acadamic professionals to bring the learning experience to life in a new and exiting way for both the instructor and student to learn. The Teachers gain insight and more understanding to the practical skills neccessary in a STEM field.

    Teachers enrolled in LIFT2 improve their classroom instructional practice and school leadership abilities in four areas:

    Experiential and inquiry-based teaching and learning
    Application of 21st Century technologies to STEM curriculum and instruction
    Integration of 21st Century workplace skills
    Integration of STEM careers awareness into classroom culture

    This is a proven formula to impact student preparation for and interest in
    STEM careers. Having skilled students entering the workforce is vital to our local economy. LIFT2 is a Public, Private, and Education Sector Partnership. More than forty corporate sponsors, to date, have provided equipment grants and sponsored teacher externships for more than 125 teachers.
    LIFT2 teachers have completed externships in biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology, process manufacturing, civil, structural and environmental engineering, software, financial services, and more.

    More information regaring the program can be found on the following link.