More Merrimack Valley Political News: Northern Essex Register of Deeds Candidates Etc.

The scent of vulnerabilty surrounds the position of  Northern Essex Register of Deed . Until yesterday, Register Robert Kelley was the target of former Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi. With Manzi now focused on the First Essex State Senate race, two other Democrats are now taking aim at Kelley. In recent months the first term incumbent was revealed by local Fox News as doing other than Deeds duties doing the workday.  Well-known Democrats Jack Wilson of Andover and Paul Iannuccillo of Lawrence have declared their candidacies. Iannuccillo, a former area State Rep and  Lawrence City councillor now counsel for the Mass House of Representatives claims to have been “keeping an eye on this seat” for the last few years. Wilson who most recently ran when Sue Tucker retired from her Second Essex/Middlesex State Senate seat – now held by Barry Finegold – is a longtime political activist – familiar with the workings of government. A real estate lawyer, Wilson says ” taxpayers deserve a register who is accountable, transparent and dedicated full-time to the elected post.”  Andover attorney Brian Corrigan is already in the race running as an independent.

There will be a hot primary/election season in the Lower Merrimack Valley as this race for Deeds, the race in the First Essex  Senate District as well as the Rep races in the new 17th and 18th Rep Districts play out. And of course, there are the races  for Congress, the U.S. Senate and for President!

Read the full article by Jill Harmacinski here in today’s Eagle Tribune.