Friends of the Pollard Library Collecting Books to Sell

A reminder from our friends at the Pollard Memorial Library blog that volunteers will be ready, willing and able to accept dropped-off donations for the Spring Book Sale this Saturday April 7, 2012 at the Lowell Senior Center at Broadway and Fletcher Streets.:

Friends Book Donation Drop Off 9am-12noon This Saturday at the Senior Center

It’s time once again to unburden yourself of your bestsellers. To unload libros, to push off printed works. The Friends of the
Library will be accepting book donation drop offs over at the Lowell Senior Center this Saturday, April 7th. All donations will go towards the Friends annual book sale at the Senior Center the weekend of May 18-20th—proceeds of which will in turn go to great library programs and museum passes. Full details of the drop offs and book sale are available on the Friends page. If you’d like to learn how you can help please email Kerry at

6 Responses to Friends of the Pollard Library Collecting Books to Sell

  1. Eleanor Rigby says:

    Maybe this Saturday’s push is a PR move, but I know that the Dracut Library accepts donated books anytime and I have dropped off about 50 hardcovers to them so far. Free and plentiful parking and no hassels. Does Lowell do this or is it limited to when the Friends hold a book drive?

  2. Sean Thibodeau says:

    @Eleanor: We accept donations at the Lowell library (and we have free parking). There is a kiosk on the Ground Floor where the Friends sell titles year round. They do ask that folks save bulk donations for the drop offs at the Senior Center from 9am-12pm the first Saturdays of March, April and May. This helps the Friends be able to sort the books on site for the big sale in May and saves them a few trips between the main library and the senior branch. I hope you have some more hardcovers you’d consider donating this Saturday.

    @Marie: Thanks for helping get the word out on this event!

  3. Eleanor Rigby says:

    I understand that they are volunteers, but truthfully limiting (or encouraging might be a better word) bulk book drop offs to three days a year on Sat mornings really is not convienent. You might want to rethink that.
    Where is there free parking near the Pollar Library?

  4. Jim says:

    There is a free parking lot right behind the library. To get there, head down Moody Street towards the library from Aiken or Suffolk St. Last lot on the right is free. It is usually crowded, but I have always found a spot.