In the Merrimack Valley: Former Methuen Mayor Manzi for Register of Deeds

Rumors have been running about the Merrimack Valley that former Mayor of Methuen Bill Manzi was gearing up to run for the Register of Deeds seat in northern Essex County. The seat is currently held by first termer  Robert Kelly of Andover. Kelly has been targeted by some – particularly FOX News-Channel 25 – as one who works at his private law practice, runs personal errands and more while on his publically paid job. Is that the impetus for the Manzi run? In an Eagle-Tribune front page story today, Manzi tells  reporter Brian Messenger – “You need a full-time register to bring the staff up to the next level. I think I could make the register a better place for everybody to do business.”

If Bill Manzi takes a page from the book of how Dick Howe, Jr. – Register of Deeds Northern Middlesex –  runs that office and operation, he will be on to something for the staff,  registry constituents and residents in Essex County North. In saying that “I haven’t made a full announcement…  unless something changes, the race is on” – Manzi is throwing down the gauntlet to Kelly who claims he’s “moved on” from any errors made. Meanwhile both Manzi and Kelly are collecting signatures for the September 6, 2012 Democratic Primary.

Stay tuned as this interesting race ramps up and runs its course!

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