Musical Theater Venture Gains Big Mo’

The Sun’s Jennifer Myers yesterday wrote about our allied blogger Jack Neary and his crew who are out to start a musical theater organization for Greater Lowell. Jack is using the increasingly popular online fundraising tool “Kickstarter” to raise $7600 (a hundred dollars for each of the 76 trombones in the “Music Man” production being planned). He has pledges of more than $4000 as of today, with 29 days to go. Read Jenn’s article here and get the Sun if you want more (full disclosure: UMass Lowell is a collaborator on this effort being led by two alumni, Jack and Lee Grande).

2 Responses to Musical Theater Venture Gains Big Mo’

  1. billy sheehan says:

    jack, good luck to you in your new venture–its nice to see

    a good sacred heart boy doing well.

    i am sure that Somewhere Sr. Ann Teresa is Smiling !!! good luck