Presidential Primary Results

It may come as news to many, but there was an election held here in Massachusetts two days ago. It was the Presidential Primary but similar races in other states grabbed what spotlight there was. By my count, just under 4000 people made it to the polls in Lowell which, if we assume a total registered electorate of 53,000, means the turnout was about 7.5%. Statewide in the Republican Primary, Mitt Romney won with 72% of the vote, Rick Santorum received 12%, Ron Paul got 9.5%, and Newt Gingrich 4.6%. On the Democratic side, Barack Obama was unopposed.

Here are the results from Lowell:

Mitt Romney – 1983
Ron Paul – 316
Rick Santorum – 297
Newt Gingrich – 121
Jon Huntsman – 16
Rick Perry – 7
Michele Bachmann – 6

President Obama received 1006 votes.

7 Responses to Presidential Primary Results

  1. Eleanor Rigby says:

    Just an observation, Jack Walsh, Ch of the Dem State Party called on Dems to take a GOP ballot and vote for anyone other than Romney.

    Unfortunately he made that appeal the day before the primary and it was lost. Had he made that appeal say a week before the primary, and said it more than once, then maybe Santorum could have thrown a scare into Romney in Massachusetts like he did in Michigan.

    The longer the GOPers fight among themselves the better it is for the President!

  2. Renee Aste says:

    Eleanor, Not the greatest idea. In ‘a red state’ they did that to Obama. It is immature. I voted in a Dem primary a few years ago, not to throw off the results, but I would of voted for that Democrat in a general election.

    Girinch’s numbers were really low. Ouch! I thought he would be ahead of Santorum.

  3. Arthur says:

    In Massachusetts, a voter enrolled in a party can only vote in the primary for that party .Independents ( unenrolled voters ) can vote in any party’s primary , but Democrats can not take part in a Republican primary and vice-versa.
    If Chairman Walsh called on Democrats to stage what Daily Kos calls Operation Hilarity in this state , he was wasting his time .

  4. Renee Aste says:

    Operation Hilarity? No wonder why civic participation is in the dumps, both to the right and to the left. If we don’t take our votes seriously, what will we end with for a goverment.

    I did vote for Romney, even though I liked other flawed candidates. I don’t think as a nation we could go as far to the right as the other candidates, even though my positions lately could fall into the Santorum/Ginrinch range.

    How do we use the primary process? I’m not a fiscal conservative, but I’m not a social liberal either.

  5. Eleanor Rigby says:

    Perhaps I misunderstoon Chairman Walsh and his appeal was to unenrolled voters, but he made the appeal, too little too late.

  6. Christopher says:

    Can you cite where Chairman Walsh said that he wanted unenrolleds to pull a GOP ballot? Everything I have heard him say indicates he wanted to drive up the vote for the President.

  7. DickH says:

    I just checked John Walsh’s Twitter account. Here’s a representative Tweet from earlier this week:

    John Walsh ‏ @JohnEWalshDem

    Tomorrow is EDay! Remind friends to vote for @BarackObama & local Dem leaders. for your polling place. Pls RT #MAPoli

    I think it was in Michigan, which has a primary in which anyone can vote in any party’s primary, that there was speculation Democrats would take Republican ballots and vote for Santorum to mess up Romney. Whether that was true or a fabrication of the mainstream media, I can’t say. Neither could the MSM if pressed.