Tewksbury Election Candidate List Finalized

Thanks to the Tewksbury Patch, here’s the candidate lineup for the Tewksbury Town election that takes place on Saturday April 14, 2012. Read the full article here: http://tewksbury.patch.com/articles/municipal-ballot-set-robinson-out-sullivan-in

Candidates (Final) Tookout Papers Returned Papers
Board of Selectmen (2 seats for three years)
I-David   Gay Yes Yes
I-Scott   Wilson Yes Yes
Ed   Sullivan Yes No
Ken   Miano Yes Yes
Robert   Marcin Yes Yes
Board of Health (2 seats for three years)
I-Edward   J. Sheehan Yes Yes
I-Mary   Ellen Fernald Yes Yes
Kathleen   Brothers Yes Yes
Planning Board (1 seat for five years)
I-Nancy   Reed Yes Yes
Ed Sullivan Yes Yes
School Committee (2 seats for three years)
James   Cutelis Yes Yes
I-Dennis   Francis Yes Yes
Lyndsey Robinson Yes No
Library Board of Trustees (2 seats for three years)
Chris   Castiglione Yes No
Paige   Impink Yes Yes
I-Patricia   Pino Yes Yes
Shawsheen Tech Regional School Committee (1 seat for three   years)
I-John   Peter Downing Yes Yes
Michael   Kelley Yes Yes

I- Incumbent