Lowell Tweet-Up this Saturday

This coming Saturday, March 3 from 10 am to noon, there will be a Tweet-Up at Lowell Telecommunications Corp, 246 Market Street, right next to the Lowell National Park Visitors Center. The event is informal and unstructured and will benefit everyone ranging from the person who has no idea what Twitter is to the regular user of Twitter who wants to connect with other power-users.

Twitter is a social media tool that allows you to use your computer, your iPad or your phone to send Tweets – the equivalent of a status update in Facebook or a microblog post elsewhere – of up to 140 characters. Once you join Twitter, you choose who you follow and others may choose to follow you. I have found at least 150 people in Lowell who have active Twitter accounts, so there are plenty of local users out there.

The uses of Twitter are almost infinite and are only limited by the imagination of the user. We hope that this Tweet-Up will allow folks to contemplate how Twitter might be used locally, all while having a good time mingling with others in the community who are active in social media. Please come.

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