Public Sculpture in Chicago

(Web photo by Tessa Marshall, courtesy of

This is the sculpture “Cloud Gate” (2004) by Anish Kapoor in Chicago’s Millennium Park, which has been integrated into a new temporary sculptural installation whose colored lights are synched up and change with a related musical track. The light/music design is by Luftwerk, a collaborative of artists.

We should aim for something this remarkable for a new work of public art if we commission a sculpture to be installed in the vicinity of Thorndike and Dutton streets, near the Swamp Locks canal complex and western edge of the Hamilton Canal District. Close by will be the new Judicial Center.

Here’s what “Cloud Gate” looks like without the new temporary lighting installation. This web photo is used courtesy of



3 Responses to Public Sculpture in Chicago

  1. Kosta says:

    The idea of such a sculpture is awe-inspiring. It would be a “statement” about Lowell, in which the city would affirm in itself as being a city “on a hill” –

    Something big is needled to greet people as they enter the city from the connector and train station I especially like how people can interact with this specific piece in various ways – walking beneath it and sound.

    It would be great if readers would submit their own ideas and examples from other cities.

  2. Publius says:

    The cost was originally cited at $9 million and ended up at $23 million. It was years behind schedule too.

  3. PaulM says:

    In Chicago, this sculpture is know as “the bean” or “the kidney bean,” and it has become an icon for the city the same way that the tall red steel Picasso sculpture in downtown Chicago became a signature image of the Windy City.