The Beauty of Falling Water

The Merrimack River’s Pawtucket Falls at Pawtucket Dam in Lowell (copied from a post on Facebook by Alan S. Manoian)

2 Responses to The Beauty of Falling Water

  1. Daniel Patrick Murphy says:

    The Merrimack River

    Plunge deeply in the cold, cascading whirl.
    Bleed slate-gray wounds (slash-marks the whimpering).
    Burn the bridges; swim the river’s swirl.
    Plunge deeply in.

    Feel the clutching current’s striped, white skin.
    Claw hammer the rapid’s rocks; crack, then hurl.
    Dark and light are two poles armed within.

    The river soars down to the salty, coiled curls
    Where the roaring waves rumble and unpin.
    The ocean’s foamed fold releases, unfurls.
    Plunge deeply in.

    –Daniel Patrick Murphy

  2. John Quealey says:

    Pure delight as I see every morning the falling waters of the Concord River as it flows by the Grove each morning..