Fred Doyle on the radio – October 22, 2011

Fred Doyle returned to the radio airwaves today:


5 Responses to Fred Doyle on the radio – October 22, 2011

  1. Lisa says:

    Why are you running the paid political advertisements of a candidate who is not credible? You aren’t posting any other candidates’ radio ads and there are plenty of legitimate ones available. I am surprised that you would continue to do this.

  2. DickH says:

    Fair question. I guess there are two distinct reasons. The first is a practical one. At some public event several weeks ago Mr Doyle told me he’d be on the radio right after the 10 am news every Saturday until the election. Because I’ve happened to be at home on those Saturdays at that time, it’s pretty easy for me to turn on the radio then turn on the video camera and record the audio of his remarks.

    I’d welcome the chance to post audio or video of the efforts of other candidates, but I don’t sit around listening to the radio waiting for a commercial to come on. If a candidate can send me a link to a commercial that’s already online somewhere, I’ll certainly do a post about it. (And any candidate who is doing radio commercials and not posting the audio of those commercials on a Facebook page or website really should be).

    The second reason I’m posting the Fred Doyle stuff is nostalgic. Lowell has a long tradition of great political radio, paid for by the candidates, after the news on Saturdays. During the 1970s, Fred Doyle was one of the foremost practitioners of this art. His current stuff doesn’t match what he was doing 40 years ago, but it’s the closest anyone has come to it and his current stuff is unlike anything being put out by other candidates today. So I see a historical uniqueness to the Doyle performances that make them worth the little bit of effort it takes to capture them.

  3. evelyn says:

    While I don’t know if I agree with everything Mr. Doyle says, I am glad that someone is out saying something. Other candidate adds are all about “like me like me like me” but don’t tell you where they stand on any issues or what concerns are being raised to them by members of the community. Doyle seems to at least be getting input from a number of senior citizens and retirees who are finding it difficult to keep their homes or go out to dinner when they have had 3 years without any COLA adjustments (Gee… I guess I did get something out of his radio spots), while at the same time this vulnerable population is being hit by a rising cost of living and a rapidly rising property tax bill.

    It seems a little elitist to say who is and is not a “credible candidate”… people thought Barack Obama was a nobody when he took the stage as a freshman senator at the Democratic National Convention. Certainly this Doyle is no Obama, but he is the only one who seems willing to go out on a limb and say what he will do if elected.

  4. Lisa says:

    I respectfully disagree with your argument. This stuff is slanderous, not nostalgic or historic. There is nothing quaint about indiscriminate bomb throwing and viciousness.

    Also, there are working people who haven’t received raises in three years. It isn’t just senior citizens. But ranting and raving on the radio won’t solve a global economic crisis. I prefer candidates who offer viable solutions, not rambling vitriolic diatribes.

  5. Righty Bulger says:

    What is Doyle saying that Lisa deems not credible? He’s reading verbatim from inter-office memos and court documents. Whether they rise to the level of criminal or ethical wrongdoing, I’m not yet sure. Is it that far out of the realm of possibility to believe the City Manager would push his inspectors to OK permits so as not to risk alienating his biggest backer at the Sun?