Revolutionary War era deed

Lowell received its charter as a town in 1826 and for the next few decades, the explosive growth of the textile mills, the canals, and the population made that era the focal point of most of our current historical musings. But English settlers had arrived in this region nearly two centuries earlier (and the indigenous people were here long before that) and many area residents fought in the American Revolution. I recently came across a deed that provides some insight into that time. Here are the relevant portions:

Know All Men by these Presents that I Peter Kelley of Billerica in the State of Massachusetts Bay, Labourer, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars to me in hand paid by Benjamin Bowers of said Billerica, have given, granted, bargained, sold, remised, released and forever quitclaimed unto him, the said Benjamin Bowers, his heirs and assigns forever, all my Right, Title and Interest in and unto one hundred acres of land which I the said Peter Kelley am or shall be entitled unto (at the expiration of the present war with Great Britain) in consequence of a resolve of the Honorable Continental Congress for the Encouragement of the Continental Army, the said Peter Kelley having enlisted into said Army during the present war. . .

IN Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Eighteenth Day of March A.D. 1777.

Peter Kelley, his “X” mark and seal.

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  1. Dean says:

    The 200th anniversay of the War of 1812 will be next year. The 50th anniversay of the Viet nam War will will also be next year.