‘Jumping-Off Point’ by Richard Marion

“Jumping-Off Point” by Richard Marion (c) 2011

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4 Responses to ‘Jumping-Off Point’ by Richard Marion

  1. David says:

    When I first saw this painting (I followed a link from this blog one morning), I sent an email to the artist which said “My heart skipped a beat, I love it when art speaks to me, thank you. Where would one go to see/buy your work?” The latter is still an unanswered question, Where would one go to see and/or buy the artists work? Porky’s is a very special place for me. A lot of first for me there, first dip in the canal, first (and only) high jump, first kiss, first beer, first joint (pot). It was the one spot my mom could find me when I “ran-away from home” which I did often in the early 70’s