Sunday’s Sports

On  TV yesterday, I watched parts of various games, and gave the Patriots quite a bit of time. Beating the Jets is always a good thing. I haven’t felt good about that team since Joe Namath stopped playing. Although the Jets got close a few times, the contest was a methodical effort by Brady and company. BenJarvus Green-Ellis proved that running is still an option for this season. What about his name? Like one of the classic rhythmic sports names, Van Lingo Mungo.

I hope Milwaukee defeats St. Louis and gets to the World Series. St. Louis fans have had some post-season fun recently. It would be great for Milwaukee to win the World Series. Milwaukee was one of the Innovative Cities highlighted at the 2010 Innovative Cities Conference in Lowell. It’s an older gritty city that has a lot in common with Lowell, although it is larger. Milwaukee hasn’t been in the World Series since 1982, when they were still in the American League and lost to the Cardinals, coincidentally (Thanks, Wikipedia).  I hadn’t paid attention to the National League pennant race through the summer. I didn’t know the Brewers led the NL in home runs.

I didn’t like the early game choices. I briefly saw Michael Vick in the 1 pm game on CBS. I can’t watch that guy. Glad the Eagles lost to Buffalo, another city whose people could use a big winner. I also could not watch much of the Steelers vs Tennessee. Not a fan of QB Ben Roth’bgr. Best moment for me was the fake punt and pass by Daniel Sepulveda to safety Ryan Mundy for a Pittsburgh first down. On the other hand, every week I could watch Green Bay, my favorite team as a kid.




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  1. Michael Luciano says:

    How odd that the 2011 NLCS is a rematch of the 1982 World Series. I wish the Brewers were still in the American League. I don’t know why. I just do.