Questions from the internet

What would you do to create jobs? Massie says supports jobs bill; long term must create innovation economy which is path to future. Cites relevant experience. Robinson supports jobs bill, supports reducing cap gains on IPOs. Says we should tie tax rate of very wealthy to how well economy is doing. If unemployment is low, taxes low and converse. Warren supports jobs bill. Says we need to put people to work right now on roads and bridges. They should be working not on unemployment. Role of regulation works against small business owners (calls them “job creators”). Cites one page mortgage disclosure sheet that would help homeowners and business borrowers. Conroy supports jobs program. Mentions his summer campaign walk, meeting a guy hoping for a one day job so he could buy food for family. DeFranco supports the plan but says it’s not bold enough. Says should invest more money in green jobs. Says we ran deficit to win WWII, we should do the same now. Khazei says Washington is broken; high unemployment and nothing is getting done. Says payroll tax cut not good enough. Rather spend money directly on jobs.

What super hero would you be and why? Robinson says Incredible Hulk for obvious reasons. Warren is Wonder Woman. Conroy says Captain America. DeFranco says half of the Wonder Twins. Khazei says The Flash. Massie says Superman.

Focus group question: “Wall Street is central to economy but threatens to destroy the economy? How do you deal with it?” Warren says I’ve been trying to do exactly that; fought with largest banking institutions and even our own government. You have to be willing to take the fight directly to Wall Street and to Washington and fight for middle class families. By organizing and fighting, you can make something happen. Conroy cites “creative tension” in America; democracy v capitalism that has to be balanced. Now we’re out of balance. Not enough oversight of capitalism. DeFranco says she fights Federal government for a living; the David v Goliath battle everyday. Khazei says would urge Obama to appoint Elizabeth Warren head of Consumer Bureau. Have to focus on creating jobs. Massie says he’s a social justice activist who has spent his whole career on this. Our economy must be sustainable and just. Robinson returns to his tax proposal: if you mess up the economy, your taxes will go up.