Deficit reduction questions

Question by Marty Meehan. “Did President Obama make a mistake when he compromised on the Bush tax cuts?” and if it was a mistake, did you speak out against it?

Warren says it’s not just about the money but about our values. GE pays nothing in taxes but we tell students to take on more debt to pay for education or seniors get benefits cut. It’s a mistake to keep the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. It’s a values question: tax cuts for those who have already made it vs money better spent elsewhere. Conroy says he spoke out against it. If we end Bush tax cuts and the two wars, we’d be able to balance the budget. DeFranco says it was a mistake and she spoke out about it, but the press wasn’t calling her at the time. Says Obama capitulated. Khazei says it was a mistake but other things were being held hostage so understands why. Massie says money is corrupting politics of both parties (one already bought; the other rented out). Massie asks all candidates, especially Warren to reject PAC money. Robinson agrees to not take PAC money.

Question about college debt: Do you support or oppose in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. DeFranco supports it, but says children are here through no fault or their own, we don’t want them to be a permanent underclass. Bigger question is will Congress ever get serious about immigration reform. Shouldn’t make children scapegoats for parents or faulure of political system. Khazei supports it, says we should have passed the Dream Act which Scott Brown voted against. Says we’re not going to send them back. Give them a reasonable road to citizenship. Massie quotes George Washington as saying the future of US depended on immigration. Supports Dream Act and instate. Robinson supports it, saying our economy depends on undocumented immigrants. Warren supports instate tuition and the Dream Act. Says there’s a third part: we need paths for citizenship so we can retain talent. Immigration is what makes us special. It’s part of what gives us strength. It’s the American story, weaving together in new ways. Immigration is one of the best things America has going for it. Conroy has supported it in the legislature. Says we need fundamental immigration reform.