Closing statements

Warren: Talked a lot about fighting for America’s middle class. My family scraped by until dad had a heart attack. Bills piled up. I worked hard for everything I got. But I grew up in an America of opportunity. We have now lost our way. Washington is rigged for the big guys. That’s not right. We have a choice: more subsidies to those who have already made it big or support for the kids who are going to make it big. Join me as and make this part of a movement.

Khazei: Who will be the most effective leader for Massachusetts in Washington. If you want to settle for status quo, Washington will get its way. If you’re part of the silent majority and push special interest money out of politics. I spent a lifetime helping people. We can put the American dream back in the hands of the American people

Robinson: Just a regular American running for the US Senate. An engineer with a history of solving problems. Fix economy and bring jobs back. Energy is the next critical problem to address.

DeFranco: In this race to fight for the people vs the powerful. I have a track record of jumping in and winning. No poll testing the waters and high priced consultants. I have support of real people. I ask for your support.

Conroy: People want leadership; a leader who can create new jobs. Scott Brown is in the way of our attainment of this goal. Says he’s already defeated a popular Republican incumbent and can do it again.

Massie: It’s easy to be discouraged but remember we live in the United States. We should be leading the new economy. We need a locomotive in the Senate, not a caboose like Scott Brown. For America to be great, Massachusetts must be great.

End of debate. 8:38 pm

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