‘Cyberspace and Civic Space’: Nov. 19 Conference

Mass Humanities, the state agency affiliated with the National Endowment for the Humanities, will host a conference about the internet and democracy at Boston College on Nov. 19. The folks at MH have assembled a set of high-powered speakers with connections to moveon.org, TED, and bigtime media outlets and academia. See the schedule and  speakers here.

A more transformative and far-reaching technology has never been invented. And yet the Internet’s unparalleled potential to educate and empower citizens is being thwarted by other interests. How does the Internet influence our politics, society and culture? How can we ensure that cyberspace allows room for a safe and robust civic space? How might we minimize its potential harms? Join a distinguished group of scholars and journalists, activists and innovators for an examination of these increasingly important questions.

One Response to ‘Cyberspace and Civic Space’: Nov. 19 Conference

  1. DickH says:

    This looks like a great conference, Paul. Thanks for posting it. I just registered and urge those in Lowell who are interested in this stuff to join me. It’s at Boston College, but it’s free, so why not?