Coversmart: The album cover quiz site

Brett Cromwell of the Lowell Film Collaborative has launched a new website, The site is for all music lovers but especially those who cherish the artwork that appeared on album covers during the past half century. Each day, visitors to the site are presented with images of several album covers with a consistent theme, and are asked to identify the name of the album and the artist. Here’s how the site describes itself:

COVERSMART is proud to be the first music trivia website dedicated to the art of album covers. Our mission is to develop and nurture an online community of like-minded music fans who appreciate the value of album cover artwork in creating a multi-sensory experience for the listener. We post daily music trivia quizzes based on the artwork of our favorite albums from the last five decades.

From our early days of freehand copying favorites on our Trapper Keepers to our current sophisticated lives utilizing “LPs as Wall Art” frames, we love album covers. They can be iconic, they can be kitschy, or they can be just plain weird. Regardless, they should be loved and appreciated for what they are – the touchstones of our lives that instantly transport us back to times and places we may not have thought about in a long time.

With the COVERSMART web site, we aim to share our love of music with anyone daring enough to take the challenge. We understand that we are far from alone in our unhealthy obsession with music, and our goal is to give users a constructive outlet for their own fountains of “useless” knowledge.

We hope you find our quizzes fun, challenging, and most of all, nostalgic. Enjoy.

Be sure to check it out.

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  1. Brett C says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Dick! Enjoyed seeing you at the Lowell Tweet-up last night. I’ve been told my 10 questions interview will be running in the Lowell Sun this Friday, so everyone, be sure to look for that! Cheers. COVERsmART