The Globe, the Patrick Administration, and a Dracut “hiccup”

The Globe’s top political reporter, Glenn Johnson, who in another life covered Lowell City Hall for a local newspaper, wades into the Dracut Housing Authority controversy in this Sunday’s Globe. Johnson begins his article by citing the many benefits that Governor Patrick has garnered by assigning Lt Governor Tim Murray responsibility for overseeing relations between the administration and the Commonwealth’s 351 cities and towns. Despite all the good things that have emerged from that arrangement, Johnson cites the Dracut issue as a rare “hiccup.” While Governor Patrick disclaimed any knowledge of the matter, Lt Gov Murray (according to Johnson) “revealed an intimate understanding, speaking in granular detail about the appointment.” Many of the key Dracut players are mentioned.

I’ve avoided any comment on the Dracut Housing Authority issue and will continue to do so. Having spent a lifetime with a ringside seat to Lowell political dustups of this type, I know that such disputes always have deep roots and that the true causes and consequences are impossibly elusive to one who doesn’t know who stuck it to whom two decades ago because one thing we know for sure, people in politics have long memories. Still, I was fascinated to see this local issue pop-up in Glenn Johnson’s “must-read for all statewide political junkies” column in the Sunday Globe. I’m sure how he latched onto it is a fascinating story in itself.