City Council candidate forum – Sept 21, 2011

The Lowell Citywide Neighborhood Council presented its second City Council Candidate Forum tonight at the Dom Polski Club in Centralville. Sixteen of the candidates participated (Mayor Jim Milinazzo was at the Lowell School Committee meeting). Each gave a 2 minute opening, answered one or more questions posed by the debate organizers, and then gave a 1 minute closing. I recorded the opening and closing of each candidate and have posted them to YouTube and have provided links below. Congratulations to both the forum organizers for putting together a well-organized, well-run event and to the candidates for participating and for giving thoughtful and thought-provoking answers.

Corey Belanger

Paul Belley

Kevin Broderick

Fred Doyle

Rodney Elliott

Ed Kennedy

John Leahy

Marty Lorrey

John MacDonald

Bill Martin

Joe Mendonca

Armand Mercier

Rita Mercier

Patrick Murphy

Vesna Nuon

Van Pech

For links to other videos, please visit out 2011 City Council Election Page