Friends of Michael O’Keefe Fund

Alveola Rhabdomyosarcoma is a form of cancer “that develops from connective tissues in the body, such as muscles, fat, membranes that line the joints, or blood vessels”.

Michael is 10 years old, diagnosed with Alveola Rhabdomyosarcoma for the second time in two years! We would like to invite you all to be a member of this courageous young mans support team! Anyone wishing to make donations can send them directly to “The Friends For Michael O’Keefe” fund, c/o LFFCU 642 Chelmsford St., Lowell, MA 01851. Michael is the grandson of Sargent Mickey O’Keefe from the Academy Award winning movie “The Fighter”. Please be sure to continue to check in as we have many different events coming up throughout the year!

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