Scary: And It’s Not Even Halloween

Ed Kilgore in The New Republic boils down the ingredients of national Republic Party policy positions. Is this what it has come to? Looks like a stark contrast for Nov. 2012. Read his short piece here, which I picked up from


One Response to Scary: And It’s Not Even Halloween

  1. C R Krieger says:

    Regarding the item on Unions and the example of Boeing, has anyone done the tradeoff study to see if Boeing can compete with Airbus?  I am just asking because I don’t like flying Airbus.  In the back of the airplane, where I like to fly, they feel a little too lose for my liking.  Too much “shake, rattle and roll”.  That Airbus would drive Boeing into the ground is a matter of indifference, I would think (besides, I always liked Douglas and their plant on Bellflower Blvd).  May the best man win and all that.  But, I didn’t think the Caravelle measured up to the DC-9 and don’t think the Airbus measures up to the new Boeing aircraft.  Maybe quality will overcome price.  I sure hope so.

    As for abortion, I doubt a Republican President is going to turn it upside down.  What we have is eight-some percent of the People thinking abortion is wrong and eight-some percent of the People thinking abortion should be legal.  Is there not a compromise in there somewhere?

    And, the environoment.  We know from the campaign being conducted by The New York Times that Republicans don’t believe in science.  However, they do believe in engineering (after all, Gov Rick Perry used to push a Herc around the skies and that is a solid belief in engineering) and if there is a problem out there they will be looking for the engineering solution.

    Hard money?  They are just worried about hyperinflation, which would wipe out a lot of the middle class in America.  I know it can’t happen here, but it has happened in a number of places and the results have not been pretty.  I can no longer find the quote on-line, but Herburt Marcuse once uttered something to the effect that the Weimar Republic should be wiped out, since what followed couldn’t be worse.  I leave the evaluation of that comment to the reader.

    To think that a Republican President would come to power with the support on Capitol Hill to do the kinds of things that are suggested in the article is to suffer from the sin of dispair.  The Obama Administration will have to go down hill rapidly, crashing and burning at the intersection, for such things to transpire.

    Regards  —  Cliff