We Need a Win Today

4 Responses to We Need a Win Today

  1. Joe S says:

    Time to shut down Wakefield – it took 8 losses to get to 200, let’s not get another 8 for old times sake.

  2. Michael Luciano says:

    Theo Epstein has a lot to answer for here. He’s armed with one of the highest payrolls in the Majors and he’s on the verge of missing the playoffs again.

    John Lackey (About $80 million) has been an unmitigated and incredibly expensive disaster….and he’s under contract through 2014. Since 2007, Daisuke and JD Drew (combined $170+ million) have been in a contest to see who can go to the DL the most times, and they’ve been ineffective for 90% of their tenure here. (Thankfully we won’t be seeing either one of them in Sox uniform again) The $140 million Crawford signing has had a terrible first season. And I have never seen so much faith placed in a player with so little talent in Jed Lowrie. And the only deadline deals Epstein made, despite the desperate need for serious help in the outfield (sorry, Darnell) and in the journeyman bullpen were Connor Jackson and Mike Aviles. In the middle of a playoff race, the lineup looks like Pawtucket’s. And speaking of the farm system, it’s in shambles.

    Theo Epstein is the most overrated GM in baseball.

  3. Robby G. says:

    You had to know this was coming after we all heard how “unstoppable” this team was going to be and anything less than a Word Series win would be a dissapointment!

    The favorite to win it all usually does not.

    Dice K was the by far the worst move this team made in history. He cleary doesnt even want to be in the country anymore let alone play the game. Crawford was a good player on an average team when he was with Tampa but the Sox pay him an all star salary. Suprised it took until August for Beckett to have an injury! Lackey I honestly thought would be a lot better.

    Dont even get me started on the bullpen. (or lack thereof)

    Prediction: Sox just make it into playoffs. Quickly eliminated first round.
    Texas and Phillies in the WS. Phillies in 5.