Elizabeth Warren Announces for US Senate Tomorrow

At Political Intelligence breakingnews over on Boston.com, veteran Globe reporter Frank Phillips has the story about Elizabeth Warren and her plan to announce her candidacy for the US Senate tomorrow – with an on-line video:

After weeks of testing the political waters, Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law School professor and Wall Street critic, will officially announce her run for the US Senate tomorrow morning against Republican incumbent Scott Brown.

A senior campaign adviser has confirmed to the Globe that Warren will launch her candidacy by greeting voters across the state, beginning with a morning visit to a Boston MBTA station. She will then head to New Bedford, Framingham, Worcester, and Springfield, making similar appearances shaking hands and greeting voters.

Warren will not make any formal statements or speeches, but her aides will put a video on her campaign website featuring the candidate talking about the major themes she will strike as a candidate.

Read the full article here at boston.com.

2 Responses to Elizabeth Warren Announces for US Senate Tomorrow

  1. Michael Luciano says:

    Elizabeth Warren is going to bulldoze her opponents in the primary. I surmise the big names are staying out of this race because they think Brown has a good chance of winning reelection, so they are biding their time until 2016. Hopefully their gamble won’t pay off.