Documenting the 2011 City Council race

Last week I posted some video of the City Council candidate forum on public safety and some readers indicated it might be useful to put links to the video in a place that could be easily retrieved throughout the campaign. I’ve done this by creating a “2011 Lowell City Council race” page. It’s easy to find. Just click on the light gray “Elections” link up along the very top of this home page and there you will find the 2011 Lowell City Council race page.

Besides links to the videos from the public safety forum, I’ve also included each candidate’s “political biography” and links to any other campaign-related videos I’ve found thus far. If anyone knows of additional videos that should be posted there, please email the links at DickHoweJr[at]

The Elections page also contains links to nearly fifty years of city and state election results, and political biographies of many who have held or sought elective office during that time.