Sustainability Snapshots for Lowell: Deadline Sept. 15

Note the Sept. 15 deadline for submission of photographs for the Sustainability Snapshots project of the City of Lowell’s Dept. of Planning and Development. Here are the details.

What do you want to pass on to future generations? Share your vision of Lowell.

Contest Overview

Nearly ten years ago, the City of Lowell created a citywide Master Plan, thereby establishing a shared and comprehensive framework for long range development. This year the city is updating its Master Plan as a Sustainability Plan, which will help ensure that future generations have equal access to the economic, environmental, social and cultural resources that residents enjoy today. Take a snapshot of something in the city that holds meaning for you, something that you hope to pass on to the next generation. Then, send your snapshots our way so we can include them in our new vision for the future!

Submission Categories

  1. Cultural Traditions & Identities
  2. Local Businesses & Institutions
  3. Historic Resources & Architecture
  4. Public Parks & Waterways
  5. Transportation & Mobility