Lowell Cemetery Tours – save the dates

Here’s the schedule for this fall’s tours of Lowell Cemetery:

Friday – September 9 – 1 pm
Saturday – September 10 – 10 am

Friday – September 30 – 1 pm
Saturday – October 1 – 10 am

The tours begin at the Knapp Avenue entrance which is right next to Shedd Park. They’re free, require no advanced registration and are conducted rain or shine. Each tour takes approximately 90 minutes and involves a good deal of walking through the cemetery.

4 Responses to Lowell Cemetery Tours – save the dates

  1. David Makara says:

    I’ve been wanting to take this tour since you started giving them. Breathing problems currently keep me off me feet for any length of time. These days I can not “walk” for 15 minutes let alone 90 minutes. Any way to get a crew from LTC to follow you and film this tour? or maybe you could invite Corey and his camera?

  2. DickH says:

    David, thanks for the great suggestion. Maybe on an off weekend, I can bring my video camera to the cemetery and do the tour for the camera, posting it as segments on YouTube. By doing that, folks who can’t make it either for health or scheduling reasons would still have an opportunity to experience the tour, virtually at least. If the weather cooperates, maybe I can get out there and films a couple of segments this weekend . . .

  3. Right In Lowell says:

    Dick: Will the tour be the same on both Saturdays or are you doing different areas each weekend? Camera is a great idea.

  4. DickH says:

    All four tours will be the same.

    Catherine Goodwin used to begin her tours at the Lawrence St gate; I start mine at the Knapp Ave entrance. I’ve contemplated at some future time to do the spring tours from Lawrence Street and the fall tours from Knapp Ave. There’s too much in the cemetery to cover in just 90 minutes, so that would allow us to cover more spread through the year and would give folks a reason to go on the tours more often.

    Just to be clear, however, this fall the tours will all start from Knapp Ave