Dickens Bicentenary in 2012

On Facebook, I received a notice about the people at Penguin Books saying they are re-reading all of Charles Dickens’ books in anticipation of the 200th anniversary of his birth next year. 2012 also marks an anniversary of Dickens’ visit to Lowell, which he wrote about in “American Notes.” UMass Lowell, Lowell Nat’l Hist. Park, and various community partners will offer a major exhibit at the Boott Mills Museum, talks by scholars, youth programs, and more.  The project website is up at UMass Lowell. Check in for details.

On a site called charlesdickenspage.com, I found these references to the Lowell visit. There is much more out there, but these are brief and colorful.

Boston Evening Transcript
February 5, 1842

Mr. Dickens visited Lowell on Thursday the 3rd, and examined the several manufacturing establishments in that city. Yesterday he paid a visit to our venerable alma mater-Harvard University. He will leave town this afternoon for Worchester in company with Governor Davis, where he will remain until Monday, when he will proceed to Springfield, thence to Hartford, where he has accepted an invitation to a dinner to be given there on Tuesday.

Lowell Advertiser (Lowell Massachusetts)
February 5, 1842

Miffed at not receiving a personal visit the Lowell Advertiser reports:

Boz was in this city last week. The reason we did not mention it was because he passed our office without calling. He didn’t call in the Courier or the people either. How in the name of reason can he expect puffs and popular applause?