Bobblehead Brown ~ A Yes Man?

The very popular Lowell Spinners bobblehead giveaway promotion – with over 60 dolls in their hall of fame – has honored the likes of Carton Fisk in 2001, Jack Kerouac and Jay Leno in 2003, Paul Revere in 2005, Jonathan Papelbon in 2006, Johnny Pesky in 2007 and 2010, Rep Ed LeLacheur and Micky Ward in 2009 and even weather forecaster Al Kaprielian in 2010. Also in August of 2010 both our U.S. Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown were so honored – Kerry didn’t attend the game while Brown did attend. Tonight Senator Brown will get another Spinner bobblehead acclamation – word has it that his bobbling head will be sticking out of a truck! And yes, the Senator does plan to attend the game.

On a somewhat timely note, the Huffington Post is reporting today on political venture launched by a “labor-backed” coalition targeting the aforementioned Senator Scott (R-MA) with yet another bobblehead in a campaign ad called “Bobblehead Brown.”


A labor-backed coalition is looking to send Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) a message with a new ad.

“Scott Brown promised to be an independent voice for Massachusetts,” says a narrator in the spot from MassUniting. “But instead, we got ‘Bobble Head Brown,’ saying ‘yes’ to Wall Street and the national Republican agenda. Brown said ‘yes’ to shipping jobs overseas. ‘Yes’ to tax breaks for oil companies and billionaires. ‘Yes’ to slashing Medicaid and Social Security. Tell Scott Brown there’s nothing independent about saying ‘yes’ to Wall Street and the Republican leadership.”

The Massachusetts senator is up for reelection in 2012 and may have Harvard Professor and consumer rights activist Elizabeth Warren as his Democratic opponent. You can see the video and get the group’s message about Senator Brown on the website

Look here for the full listing and some images of the Lowell Spinner bobbleheads.

Tonight’s game against the Staten Island Yankees at LeLacheur Park starts at 7:05pm. If you really want to attend, I have two tickets – great seats.

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  1. Marie says:

    David Bernstein at The Phoenix adds more to this story here at “Talking Points” –

    Bernstein questioned the legality last year of Zoll Medical sponsoring this Brown bobblehead thing and Brown using it as a fundraiser. Zoll is again the sponsor for tonight’s venture.