Lowell Sun Parent Company MediaNews Group To Offer a Digital Subscription

The Associated Press through many media outlets is reporting that the Denver-based MediaNews Group Inc. is launching a pay wall – digital subscription model – for some content on the websites of 23 of its smaller newspapers in California, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Vermont. The digital subscription model doesn’t cover the company’s larger newspapers like The Denver Post. In Massachusetts – MediaNews Group Inc. owns the Lowell Sun, the Fitchburg Enterprise and Sentinal, the Berkshire Eagle and the North Adams Transcript newspapers. I haven’t seen any announcements about the digital subscription status of the local papers. The Lowell Sun currently has a subscription model for its electronic e-edition – a single-day week-day access for 50 cents – unlimited access for $9.50 per month and for regular hard copy annual subscribers just $4.00. Stay tuned for an update.

MediaNews Group claims to be the second largest newspaper company by circulation in the United States.

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