A Good Day for Dems?

Bachmann and Paul top Iowa Straw Poll. Big Texan Rick Perry jumps in. I’d say yesterday was a good day for the President. Stay tuned, as the announcer recommends.

5 Responses to A Good Day for Dems?

  1. Bob Forrant says:

    all aboard for crazy town. But will Republican moderates and independents get on board? At this point it seems doubtful.

  2. Publius says:

    Why is it that people like Bachmann are consistently portrayed as crazy just because their ideas are different then yours? What gives you a monopoly on the truth?

    I remember such hysterical language was used against one of beloved Presidents. He was accused of being anti-poor and a war monger. Yet America prospered during Reagan’s presidency.

  3. Andrew says:

    I’m not sure barely any increase in median family income (compared to a doubling in the postwar years) and stagnant productivity growth counts as prosperity. If you watch Reagan’s “Morning in America” ad you realize that basically everything he took credit for was the work of the Federal Reserve, which was being run by Paul Volcker, who was appointed by President Carter.

    As for Michele Bachmann. Off the top of my head she thinks homosexuals can be “cured,” she told her constituents not to fill out their census forms (one of the few things the Constitution requires of US citizens), and she thinks we need to amend the Constitution to prevent the US from abandoning the dollar for another currency. And that’s mostly pre-presidential run. It’s not so much that I think she’s wrong; it’s that she’s so divorced from reality that I can’t take her seriously.

  4. Robby G. says:

    Wouldn’t call this a good day for Dems at all!

    Republicans are having fun right now. Republicans have plenty of time to find who thier best candidate is, and there is certainly no rush to nominate someone.

    Bear in mind that neither Mitt Romney (who is the expected front-runner), or Rick Perry (who just joined) was in this poll. History has shown that the winner of the Iowa straw actually does NOT become the nominee.

    My money’s is still on Mitt, who I believe is the most electable of the bunch. And, he actually has a record to back him up.

    Bachmann did very well in Iowa because she drew in support from the evangelical moral wing of the party as well as the tea partiers. If you think there is no difference between those two, you are serverly misguided. The tea party from what I have seen is made up of fiscal conservatives, former blue dog democrats, and people who just hate government in general. Many have never been involved with politics before.

    The evangelical moral/values opinions right now are worthless to me. Abortion and gay marriage are not going to be deiciding the next President. Economy, jobs, and money are going to be THE issues.

    Finally, the only real “surprise” from this poll was how Ron Paul did so well. He didn’t just come in second, he came in a strong second just right below Bachmann. If he was 20 years younger he would have my vote. No surprise Paul does extremely well with the young generation who, well, are losing our “hope” that we will be better off than our parents were.

    We wanted real change and had high “hopes” for Obama. Come 2012, don’t expect on the college generation to come out for Obama. He has done everything in his power to crush that hope.