Over the Top at Globe

Can I say that the Globe has gone a bit goofy with its Whitey-mania coverage? I admit that I boosted the instant commentary by James Carroll and Kevin Cullen two days ago when the story hit like a safe on a mouse. That was good writing.

But they are pushing it today with a slideshow of Boston places that changed or were built in the years when James B. was on the run–as if, what, maybe he would want to put on his bucket list a visit to the shark tank at the Aquarium and a stroll on the Rose Kennedy Greenway? This is not Lord of the Rings, Part 3, or Carlton Fisk coming back to the Sox organization after his time in Chicago. This is an alleged criminal shipped across the country in leg irons. The Globe is using Whitey’s return to get all nostalgic and retrospective-y? Spare us.

One Response to Over the Top at Globe

  1. Mike Ball says:

    I’m with you. The entire thing has been terrifically boring as well as embarrassingly provincial. The Glob/Glib/Globe seems determined not to let the Herald out sensationalize it.

    When I saw banner heads on Friday with no news behind them…and the NY State marriage-equality vote tucked into a tiny corner on the bottom of the front page…I was ashamed for the paper. We already have a trivial tabloid in Boston and don’t need another.