FYI: The Doors in Lowell

The Doors played the Commodore Ballroom in Lowell on August 15, 1967. Chris Simondet of The Doors site on Facebook provided that information to me. He said the show is a “phantom show” in The Doors chronology of performances and that nobody knows or remembers much about it other than there was a bad microphone and Jim Morrison asked if Jack Kerouac was in the house. I’ve also heard a rumor that Morrison went looking for Kerouac in the Highlands but didn’t find him. “Light My Fire,” released in April 1967, was still a red-hot single in August 1967, the legendary “Summer of Love” on the West Coast and everywhere else that embraced the spirit.

4 Responses to FYI: The Doors in Lowell

  1. Scott MacNeil says:

    I’m actually researching this concert – and contributing it to Greg Shaw’s 2nd edition of “The doors On The Road”. The concert was Tuesday August 15, 1967.
    Jim Did go to Jack’s house – but was turned away by Kerouac’s mother.
    I’m researching the doors @ The Commodore Ballroom (Lowell), The doors at The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom – and I can almost taste that they were at The Frolics @ Salisbury Beach (Many have said they were – but No clear confirming info). Also the doors in Fort Hill park – Jim waiting to meet a girl who attended Roger’s Hall – across the street — and of course Morrison’s attempts in Lowell to meeter Kerouac. If you know anything – please email me at
    Sincerely, Scott MacNeil

  2. Andy Demers says:

    Well I was at this concert at the commodore that night, and the Doors played two performances. On the 2nd performance there was blue strobe lights on the band and when Jim Morrison sang the longer version of Light my Fire, the blue strobe lights started blinking and Morrison pretended he was a bird :flapping his arms, it was really something. People stopped dancing to watch and because the song was tooooo long to dance to. Yep I can say I saw the DOORS!

  3. Mapleroot says:

    My girlfriend (now wife) were at this Lowell concert. We were leaning on the stage right below Jim Morrison. He was dressed in black leather. Bonus, someone from behind us on the dance floor threw a penny which hit my future spouse in the head. That caused a commotion but didn’t stop the show.