Roberto Clemente’s 3000th Hit Recalled Via NY’s Jeter

We have a park on Middlesex Street that is one of the most actively used parks in the city:  Clemente Park—Roberto Clemente Park, named for the Hall of Fame outfielder of the Pittsburgh Pirates, one of the most revered Latino sports figures.

In today’s NYTimes, Clemente is remembered in contrast to what is expected to be a major celebration of NY Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter reaching the Olympian-level of 3,000 hits for a major league ballplayer. The Times’ Tyler Kepner reviews Clemente’s career and describes the understated September day in 1972 when Clemente got his 3000th hit. It was his last at-bat of the season. He died a few months later in a plane crash on a humanitarian mission to bring supplies to Nicaragua after an earthquake there. Among his posthumous civic honors are the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. In 1984, the U.S. Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp as a tribute to his character and achievements.

Read Tyler Kepner’s article here, and get the NYT if you want more of this kind of reporting.

With the renovation of Lowell’s Clemente Park in progress, I’m looking forward to seeing in the park a fitting remembrance of one of baseball’s great players and an individual who can inspire future generations.

7 Responses to Roberto Clemente’s 3000th Hit Recalled Via NY’s Jeter

  1. Joe S says:

    I haven’t toured the park, but if there isn’t something there already it would be nice to have a memorial to him prominately displayed in the park when it is upgraded.

  2. PaulM says:

    It’s on the Lower Highlands side of the Lord Overpass, just past the Boys and Girls Club. In the heart of the business and cultural district that’s become Little Cambodia. The park is a volleyball mecca in good weather.

  3. Bob Forrant says:

    Such a pity to have to link the name of one of baseball’s most selfless players (Clemente) with what could arguably be one of its most selfish,(A Fraud who is closing in on 3000 hits too) and that’s going something in an era of the most boorish star athletes in history. Read here Lebron – fade away in the 4th quarter-James and any other pros who talk about themselves in the third person! Jeter at least seems like a pretty good dude!

    Go Bruins – my kind of team! And yeah for the return of the Spinners this week!!!

  4. Arthur says:

    About a decade ago , the Baseball Hall of Fame replaced the plaque that had been there with one that reads ” Roberto Clemente Walker “- which is his name according to Hispanic custom . Should the City rename the park ?
    It is said that his number { 21} was chosen as it matched the number orf letters in his name .

  5. Dean says:

    Before the park was named Roberto Clemente Park . It was known as Washington Park.

  6. Dean says:

    Arthur if that is his name on his birth certificate from P.R. than the city has to change the name. ” Roberto Clemente Walker”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Still not sure why the park is named after Roberto. I understand he is a great person and role model, however I do not see where he ties in with Lowell, Ma? I was always told growing up he grew up here in Lowell after he moved from Puerto Rico. Seems a little strange.