Reflecting Pool, Washington DC

One of the most picturesque sites in a picturesque city is the Reflecting Pool that lies in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The pool was apparently in need of some repairs and work commenced in October 2010. The new pool will use water from the Tidal Basin rather than the city water supply but the water will be filtered so it will “reflect” even more than before. In addition, the gravel walkways along the sides of the pool will be replaced by granite to better accommodate the crowds that pass by the pool every day. The work is expected to be completed in October 2012.

2 Responses to Reflecting Pool, Washington DC

  1. joe from Lowell says:

    That picture threw me for a jolt!

    For GW students, the monuments (Lincoln, reflecting pool, Washington) were where you would wander down to late at night when you had nothing better to do.

    Also, good news on the filtration system. The water was always profoundly gross.

  2. Dennis S. says:

    Some of my favorite memories of the 1980s are those Fourth of July visits to DC to see a friend stationed in Bethesda. Fireworks by the reflecting pool. Nothing like it. One of those holidays was accompanied by the brouhaha over the Beach Boys concert. Secretary of the Interior James Watt wanted to scrap the concert because of the “bad element” they attracted. He was going to bring in Wayne Newton to perform. However, Nancy Reagan was a big fan of the Beach Boys and Watt was overruled.
    I also remember the time we were sitting by the pool and after the fireworks spectacular, as we were all packing up, I inadvertently pointed a Maglite flashlight at a helicopter overhead. All of a sudden a bright light shone around me like Paul on the Damascus Road. “PUT THE FLASHLIGHT OUT,” came the thundering voice that sounded like God. I’ll have to go visit the new reflecting pool when it’s finished.