Tom Sexton’s Poems Reviewed in NYTimes Today

Holy Poets, Batman! Lowell’s own Tom Sexton is in the New York Times today. The front page of the Arts section/C1 includes an image of the cover of his newest book, “I Think Again of Those Ancient Chinese Poets” (Univ. of Alaska Press), and his paragraph of attention is on C5. Here’s the link to the group review of “Five Poets Seasoned By Life” written by Dana Jennings. The other books are by Dean Young, Dorianne Laux, Jim Moore, and Laura Kasischke.

Jennings describes Tom as “an atavistic avatar of how to look hard yet write simply,” and says “his Alaskan-Asian poetics are quite practical.” The practical thing must be from Lowell.

Cheers to Tom, one of this blog’s contributors and faithful readers. He’s back out west after some months Down East during which he spent time in Lowell and Salem. His readings at the National Park Visitor Center and Coburn Hall at UMass Lowell were two of the highlights of the cultural menu this past April. He also headlined the Mass. Poetry Festival in Salem in May.

I Think Again of Those Ancient Chinese Poets

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  1. Jim OHare says:

    Hi-I saw Tom Sexton at Kerouac Days in October 2012. Lost his email address. Just finished Bridge Street at Dusk and wanted to make some comments to Tom. Loved it. Hope you have read it. Pls send the e adddress if you have it.
    Are you currently the Registrar of Deeds Middlesex cty or is that your father or someone else?

    Thanks Jim OHare