We had the windows open until after dark last evening, and the birds were singing and calling loudly, sending the outside into the living room. Feels like a summer morning today. Out early with the dog, and the air was of a quality that registered as summer in my brain. The plush grass on the South Common was wet from the overnight precipitation, but it will not be damp for long. I have to compliment the City Parks Department for keeping up with grass-cutting on the Common, in spite of the mini-monsoon season we are in.

Early this morning, before 6 am, there was a sustained horn blasting in the direction of the train yard or the industrial swath along the Connector. I would not have wanted to be any closer than I was. I suspect a few residents over that way called the police to ask what the heck was going on.

In the past month, the South Common appears to be more active than ever with sports teams practicing, pick-up games of volleyball, walkers and joggers on the track, and many dog-walkers. I’ve also noticed a couple of very visible police actions with cruisers rushing down the pathways and persons being detained. Hats off to the police for their vigilance. Nothing will kill the public use of the Common more quickly than for people to worry that it is the wild frontier. The long weekend is coming, the customary start of summer. Best wishes to all our readers and contributors for an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day Weekend.