Columns as I See ‘Em

There’s a trio of good reads in the NYTimes op-ed section today, and a column to mention from Sunday.

First, Tim Egan looks at why President Obama’s past as a community organizer may have something to do with the patience and persistence that were required to nail Bin Laden. Read his opinions here.

Second, David “Uncle Dave” Brooks offers an unusual take on the dangers of long-term unemployment of young adult men in the US. He has his social science hat on again and is looking through his cultural telescope. Read Brooks here.

Third, columnist Roger Cohen is eloquent and intensely personal in his summary about the Bin Laden matter. Read Cohen here, and get the NYTimes if you want more of this kind of writing.

Two days ago, Sunday, Maureen Dowd of the NYT was righteously indignant about the after-action criticism coming from some quarters regarding the way the Navy Seals found and killed Bin Laden. Read Maureen’s strong words here.