Happy Mother’s Day from John MacDonald

When they come six days before an election, robocalls are annoying; when they come six months prior, they’re entertaining. Such was the case today when I pressed the “play” button on my home answering machine and heard city council candidate John MacDonald wishing all the mothers in hearing distance a Happy Mother’s Day. I found this to be an imaginative and innovative use of a campaign technology that can often be misused. Plus, mounting an effort like this so early (1) makes a good impression on voters; and (2) signals that the MacDonald campaign is deserving of our attention.


2 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day from John MacDonald

  1. Mimi says:

    I also think it was a good move. I knew he had made the robocall since he had announced on fb nevertheless I listened to it when I came home. He seems to have a well organized campaign. I wonder how his methods will impact the way other city council candidates, both incumbents and challengers, will run their campaign.