Paul Hudon’s ‘All in Good Time’: New Poems Forthcoming

Paul Hudon’s book of poems, “All in Good Time: Poems 2005-2006” will be released on Sunday, May 22, at 2 p.m., at the O’Leary Library Auditorium on UMass Lowell’s South Campus, 61 Wilder Street. An historian and poet, Paul Hudon is the author of “The Valley & Its Peoples: A History of the Lower Merrimack,” which was first published by the American Textile History Museum and then reprinted a few years ago. Hudon’s book is composed of 365 poems written over twelve months in the mid-2000’s, each poem a kind of creative date-stamp infused with a distinctive voice of a witness to and observer of the world scene filtered locally. The poems range from quick takes on nature outside his window above Pawtucket Falls and circuitous routes down channels of memory to wise, or sometimes wise-guy, estimations of the human parade.