Trumping the Trump with Truth

Charles Blow in today’s NYTimes and Fareed Zakaria on both weigh in with truth squad reports on the antics of The Donald, who should be de-horsed in the GOP presidential stakes by that political party itself. The serious grown-ups on the Repub side should stand together and denounce once and for all his “birther” garbage as “coded racism,” as Zakaria names it.

5 Responses to Trumping the Trump with Truth

  1. PaulM says:

    Cliff, the link didn’t work at Instapundit…..I would be glad to follow the link…cheers, Paul

  2. Prince Charming says:

    Trump will not run. You heard it here first. Two things about the Donald… 1) Verrrry smart businessman. Look at all the free publicity he’s been getting for his hotels, casinos and golf courses. In an economic downturn, no less. The more outlandish he gets, the more coverage he gets. Trump’s no Palin, he hasn’t flamed out after 30 years. 2). He hates to lose. No way in hell he could beat Obama, (even with six dollar gas) and he knows it.

  3. PaulM says:

    Cliff, Ok, I searched myself, I see what you are directing me to. There’s no defense for anyone using media for verbal abuse of children, whether they are in the public eye or not. I think, however, it’s different than Trump and a campaign of “coded racism” where in one case a possible candidate for president is whipping up ugly feelings about the sitting president’s authentic Americanism and in another case where a free-lance online opinion writer mistreats the Palin family. Cheers, Paul

  4. C R Krieger says:


    You are a possible candidate, and more likely than Mr Trump to get the Republican nomination, as PC notes. :-)

    Regards  —  Cliff