Columnist Tim Egan Unpacks the Trump

What kind of nation are we living in when 47 percent of a sample of admitted Republicans respond to a NYTimes/CBS poll question by saying they don’t believe President Obama was born in the US? Opinion columnist Timothy Egan of the NYTimes lays out the dangers of demagogues like Donald Trump in today’s paper. He mentions George Stephanopoulos of ABC TV recently confronting the bizarre Republican US Rep. Bachmann with proof of the President’s birth in Hawaii. “Well, then that should settle it, ”  she said. Fat chance for people who apparently don’t want it to be true. As we observe the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, such contemporary social behavior should be a concern to all. Read his column here, and get the NYT if you want more.

One Response to Columnist Tim Egan Unpacks the Trump

  1. C R Krieger says:

    As noted in the article, it is interesting that the current Italian Prime Minister has been around for so long.  While they used to appear to be using revolving doors, it was always pretty much the same team.  Like any sport, players were substituted, but it was usually the same folks—the murder of a former Prime Minister being an exception.  His body was found a couple of kilometers from the house we had just vacated after three and a half years of living in the Naples area.

    I think of the Donald as being someone looking for, needing, public attention.  As for President Obama, if he turned out to have been born elsewhere, would he really be thrown out?  I am doubtful.  I think of the “birther” issue as being like the idea that George W Bush is a congenital idiot.  And no, graduation from Yale does not confirm that suggestion.

    It is my humble opinion that Mr Trump is a flash in the pan and not a real candidate.  And, the election is a long ways off.  First we have to get through our own local elections.  But, I do admit that there is some fun in this early speculation.  But, it need not be taken seriously.

    Regards  —  Cliff